Our convictions

At Esquisse


we consider that every business is unique and that this distinctiveness must stand out at a mere glance, when entering the premises.
This is why we favour a bespoke approach.

we believe the traditional office to be a thing of the past. We prefer to imagine different spaces, suited to every moment of the day: spaces to exchange ideas, spaces to focus and concentrate, to go on-line but also to relax and chat.

we are convinced that workspace design has an impact on the well-being, on the feeling of inclusiveness but also on the motivation and performance of employees.

this is why we make a point of designing premises in which it is pleasant to be and to work. A place where you will want to sing along with the Beach Boys “good good good, good vibrations”

Creator of associate experience


The world is moving fast, working methods are constantly evolving, attitudes are changing!

With your associates in the foremost of our minds, we favour their well-being and personal growth.

Considering that people can only work better in an elegant environment well suited to their needs, we design places which are alive and vibrant!

Our approach



your needs, your constraints, your key issues, your strategy



to your demands, to your expectations, to your specifics
with a bespoke project team



to concrete results in quantitative, quality and financial terms.

In short, with us, no castles in the sky (but sky’s the limit!)

Our key figures


date of creation

€19. 3 Million

in turnover in 2016

+ 1 million m²


+ 1 000

foosball and Ping-Pong matches